School Committee

Planned Meeting Schedule

Monthly School Committee meetings are generally held at the Freeman-Kennedy School Library and are open to the public. 

All meetings are posted on the Town Clerk's Public Body Meeting Calendar in accordance with Massachusetts' Open Meeting Law.

The schedule/planned meeting dates are subject to change, so please consult the Town Clerk's Public Body Meeting Calendar for the most current information. 

School Committee
Membership List

 Chairperson  Phone  Term Expires
Thomas Doyle
7 Chicatabut Avenue
(home) 508-528-3479
     (cell) 617-256-0787
May 2022
Paul Cochran
5 Standish Road 
(home) 508-553-2867
     (cell) 508-564-8147
May 2020
 Vice Chair and Secretary and KP Representative/Legislative Liaison
Jeffery Curry
4 Old Mill Road
(home) 508-528-0764
     (cell) 617-642-9108

 May 2020
Jennifer Wynn
3 Hemlock Lane
(home) 508-530-3093
May 2021
Medora Champagne
2 Seneca Street 
(cell) 617-447-9215
May 2021
Designated Bill Signers Designated Payroll Signers Budget Subcommittee (3)
Primary  Primary  Medora Champagne
Thomas Doyle  Thomas Doyle 
Paul Corchran 
 Alternate Alternate Policy Subcommittee (2)
All SC Members  All SC Members 
Jennifer Wynn
Jeffrey Curry 

SC Approved 5/21/19


Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC)