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School Partners

Through school, family, and community partnerships,

we provide an education that inspires life-long learners

and cultivates caring and productive citizens of our ever-changing world.

The School Committee revised its Relations with Community Organizations and Individuals policy to establish a formal process for recognizing official School Partners.

Recognized School Partners will enjoy greater access to NPS resources in exchange for their mutually beneficial work towards the development of Norfolk's Children:

  • May have a presence and maintain information on the NPS web site.
  • May send information home in students' backpack. 
    • Note: revision to Policy KDCA significantly reduce the amount of information being sent home in backpacks with a preference towards using technology. However, School Partners may utilize students' backpacks when necessary. Non-school partners are no longer permitted to use students' backpacks.
  • Will be given priority in use of NPS rooms and resources.

If you or your organization would like to be considered for recognition by the School Committee as an official School Partner, please review the policy, complete the application and submit it to the Superintendent's Office at

School Partners 2016-2017


NEST  Liz Gebhard  8/23/16 8/23/17     
Norfolk Lions Club   Jonathan Garven   6/21/16  6/21/17     
Norfolk SEPAC  Kendra Bixby 11/10/16 11/10/17     
Norfolk Teachers Association  Holli Merritt  12/13/16  12/13/17     
NCL Jennifer Tharrett  12/13/16  12/13/17     
 Norfolk PTOKim Eldred
Nathalie Hurwitz
2/3/17 2/3/18    
 Wellness/Nutrition Task Force Linda Balfour  3/7/17 3/7/18

 Norfolk Recreation  Ann Proto
3/7/17 3/7/18    
 King Philip Music Association Jeff Nickerson 4/12/16 4/14/17